Connect NI at International Battery Seminar 2024

Connect NI at International Battery Seminar 2024


Stop by booth #706 during the International Battery Seminar 2024 (March 12-15) to learn more about how to:

  • Unleash the power of innovation with the NHR 4800 Compact Battery Cycler! Packed into a 4U chassis, this high-density dynamo delivers up to 165kW, seamlessly integrating battery cycling, emulation, and PHIL testing for a game-changing experience in lab research and production environments.

  • Revolutionize your EV battery testing with the BTS-16110 – the industry's game-changer in high-precision measurements! Offering an unprecedented voltage range of +/-1.5kVDC, guaranteed accuracy of 0.03% + 100mV, and a 2-year calibration interval, this module ensures top-tier performance for larger, high-power battery packs in electric vehicles.

  • Elevate your testing efficiency with SystemLink™ software – your all-in-one solution for streamlined asset management, lab orchestration, and data analysis in test and measurement activities. Unleash the power of maximum throughput, automated data pipelines, and global standardization for unparalleled insights and efficiency gains.

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