Robotics webinar – TI mmWave radar uncovered

Robotics webinar – TI mmWave radar uncovered


Increase your robot’s performance and speed without compromising the time of response to a safety threat with TI mmWave radar technology. In this webinar that will be held on May 10, 2022 you will learn about:

  • 3D radar area scanning and 3D radar safety guards – how to ensure that under no condition an operator can be in vicinity of the robot arm undetected, even in presence of adverse environmental elements such as dust and particles which may obscure other sensing technologies.

  • Functional safety-certified components – TI radar technology comes with pre-certified SIL 2 from TUV SUD to facilitate the safety design cycle and is capable of fulfilling the requirements of the soon to be adopted IEC 61496-5 standard for radar protective devices.

After this webinar you will understand the benefits or radar for safe sensing and the steps required to successfully implement TI’s mmWave radar technology into a robotic sensing system.

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