Anritsu Introduces 2x2 MIMO Software for MT8862A to Measure IEEE802.11ac WLAN Equipment in Real-world Environments

Anritsu Introduces 2x2 MIMO Software for MT8862A to Measure IEEE802.11ac WLAN Equipment in Real-world Environments


Anritsu Company introduces 2x2 MIMO Measurement Software MX886200A-010 that extends the measurement capability of its Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A. With the software installed, the MT8862A is the world’s first solution that supports output signal quality, transmit power, receiver sensitivity, and 2x2 MIMO measurements on IEEE802.11ac WLAN equipment under actual operating conditions, giving engineers greater confidence in their designs.

Engineers can use two MT8862A test sets, with the software installed, to conduct highly accurate receiver sensitivity and transmit power measurements of 2x2 MIMO WLAN equipment with greater efficiency. By evaluating WLAN equipment under real-world environments, the MT8862A test set can ensure communications quality assurance and perform troubleshooting to help reduce the possibility of unsatisfactory transmissions that are below standard specifications, as well as help isolate causes of communications faults.

The software allows key WLAN measurements to be made easily and quickly for greater product throughput. Engineers simply connect the MT8862A test set to the WLAN device under test (DUT) and press a few keys on a PC to perform the measurements. With the ease of verification, engineers with any level of experience can conduct highly accurate tests.

Supporting IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, the Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is the industry’s first solution capable of measuring the performance of an 802.11ac-capable WLAN DUT in the actual operating state. With the built-in Network Mode, RF performance characteristics as well as waveform coverage range can be measured over-the-air (OTA), eliminating the need for dedicated vendor-provided test modes typically required for WLAN device verification. Removal of a physical connection establishes a more accurate representation of the DUT performance in a real-world environment, as the measurements take into consideration the effect of the internal wireless antennas.

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