Compact medium-power transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz offers maximum efficiency and reliability in a minimum of space

Compact medium-power transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz offers maximum efficiency and reliability in a minimum of space


The R&S TMU9compact provides extensive functionality in a minimum of space. This has been achieved through numerous innovations along with a consistent focus on the features essential for broadcasting. The R&S TMU9compact offers outstanding efficiency, reliability and signal quality – the key characteristics for a transmitter. The R&S TMU9compact system is scalable and can be adapted to a variety of requirements. For example, it can be operated as a single transmitter containing only an exciter and an amplifier, or it can be configured as a well-equipped transmitter system including system control, rack, GPS infrastructure, exhaust air kit and other components.

The unique R&S Multiband Doherty technology, which Rohde &Schwarz has consistently improved since its introduction in the R&S Tx9 transmitter generation, is available for the first time in the compact class. It is through this technology that the medium-power transmitter is able to achieve energy efficiency of up to 35 percent. This results in a reduction in energy costs of up to 50 percent as compared to other transmitters in this class.

Professional TV networks benefit from maximized on-air time. Rohde & Schwarz makes this possible primarily through its high product quality, through options such as the integrated exciter backup battery, and innovative redundancy concepts. As a result, the transmitter offers the highest availability and reliability in its class.

The transmitter can be easily integrated into a variety of setups. It can be operated as a desktop transmitter or integrated into 19" racks. Only a few requirements exist with respect to the surrounding setup, minimizing infrastructure costs. As a single-drive transmitter with integrated DVB-S/S2 signal feed, it requires minimal space, i.e. three units for 400 W and 4.5 units for 600 W output power. Heat dissipation is kept to a minimum.

The R&S TMU9compact minimizes service effort. Errors occur only rarely due to the transmitter’s high reliability. The transmitter is nevertheless well equipped to handle errors that do occur. Its intelligent fault diagnostics can be remotely initiated, and faults are efficiently eliminated. The transmitter can be brought back on air quickly and easily. Its modular design makes it possible for customers to replace and repair most components on their own. The R&S TMU9compact then uses adaptive precorrection (ADE) to achieve optimal signal quality and efficiency for the set output power and frequency. Another attractive feature: the currently set Doherty band is always visible on the amplifier display, even if no power is applied. Therefore, if a replacement amplifier is needed, it does not have to be switched on, nor does its housing need to be opened.

The new R&S TMU9compact UHF medium-power transmitter with output power from 400 W to 600 W is now available from Rohde & Schwarz – in single- and backup-drive configurations as well as in passive standby and N+1 configurations. It enhances the R&S Tx9 transmitter generation and is optimized to cover the power range between low-power transmitters and rack-based medium-power transmitters. Like all other transmitters from the R&S Tx9 generation, it can be delivered at short notice, even if ordered in large quantities.

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