ITRI and Anritsu Implement LTE WLAN Offload Test Environment for Functional Validation and Field Development

ITRI and Anritsu Implement LTE WLAN Offload Test Environment for Functional Validation and Field Development


Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Anritsu Corporation announce their collaboration on Taiwan’s WLAN Offload field implementation using the Anritsu MD8475A Signalling Tester, under the support of the “Accelerating Mobile Broadband Service and Industry Development — Construct the testing environments for 4G+ network access and application” plan by the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The WLAN Offload testing services on this project are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016.

With this WLAN Offload field implementation, ITRI and Anritsu expect to provide a test environment required for testing related WLAN Offload features for Taiwan’s Wi-Fi® device manufacturers and smartphone makers, help them develop 4G traffic offload devices and products in compliance with international standards.

Anritsu’s MD8475A Signalling Tester supports ITRI, so it can successfully establish WLAN Offload implementation with two types of offloading access (Trusted / Untrusted) defined by 3GPP, to conduct tests of Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) / Controller and dual-mode LTE / Wi-Fi User Equipment (UE). This will validate Wi-Fi AP / Controller and dual-mode LTE / Wi-Fi UE under test to ensure the accurate performance of 3GPP-defined traffic offloading functions, and further accelerate product development and validation.

The Anritsu MD8475A Signalling Tester is a reliable and powerful all-in-one base station simulator supporting all the required wireless standards, and provides extensive support for testing 3GPP-compliant data traffic offload between different Wi-Fi AP and UE. The MD8475A Signalling Tester also includes SmartStudio, an easy-to-use graphical interface software enabling simple editing call parameters, and easy creation and execution of fully automated test sequences.

“With the increasing amount of network data traffic, new supported transmission technologies will be critical to enable successful networks and handheld devices. Anritsu has proven itself to be an ideal partner, through the excellent performance of the MD8475A Signalling Tester, so that ITRI could establish and fully implement a WLAN Offload test environment in the most effective manner,” said ITRI.

“Anritsu is honored to team with ITRI to enable WLAN Offload implementation. Our MD8475A Signalling Tester integrates numerous technologies and experiences from Anritsu’s long-term accumulation, thus effectively improving product quality and lowering costs, while helping to reduce time to market,” added Ivan Chen, General Manager of Anritsu Taiwan.

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