Agilent Technologies Launches Measurement Applications, Expands LTE Leadership

Agilent Technologies Launches Measurement Applications, Expands LTE Leadership


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) introduced eight new measurement applications for its PXA X-Series signal analyzer. The measurement applications cover a range of industry standards in cellular communication, wireless networking, digital video and other general purpose applications.

In addition, three new measurement applications have been added to Agilent's MXA and EXA signal analyzers portfolio and the LTE FDD, LTE TDD and EDGE Evolution applications have been updated.

The new measurement applications are used in R&D, design validation and production to ease the burden of 1) physical layer testing for 3G/3.5G/3.9G cellular, wireless and digital video applications, and 2) RF testing for general-purpose applications. The new X-Series applications for the PXA include:

wireless networking applications, including 802.16 OFDMA and Bluetooth(r). The new N9081A Bluetooth measurement application (also new for MXA/EXA) is compliant with Bluetooth core specification version 2.1+ EDR and Low Energy (LE), making the X-Series the only signal analyzers to offer Bluetooth LE support;

cellular applications, including GSM/EDGE/EDGE Evolution and TD-SCDMA;

digital video applications, including DTMB and CMMB; and

general-purpose applications, including analog demodulation and SCPI remote language compatibility. The N9062A SCPI remote language compatibility measurement application allows the PXA, MXA and EXA signal analyzers to emulate Rohde & Schwarz FSP, FSU and FSE spectrum analyzers in remotely- controlled, automated test equipment systems.

Measurement Applications for EXA/MXA

New measurement applications for EXA and MXA include Bluetooth, SCPI language compatibility and an external source control option.

Updated Measurement Applications

The updated LTE FDD and TDD measurement applications now feature:

new in-band emissions and spectrum flatness measurements with pre-set limit lines for UE transmitter conformance test;

new downlink transport layer decoding for PBCH, PCFICH, PDCCH and PDSCH channels;

new conformance EVM measurement optimized for measurement speed for manufacturing throughput; and

support for UE specific RS for LTE-TDD.

The updated EDGE Evolution measurement application now supports new capabilities being defined in Release 9 of the 3GPP GERAN standards. These capabilities include voice services over adaptive multiuser channels on one slot (VAMOS), an evolution of GSM for doubling GSM voice capacity, and multicarrier GSM (also known as MC-BTS). To date, the X-Series are the only signal analyzers offering support for both MC-BTS and VAMOS.

All of the new and updated measurement applications use a hardkey/softkey manual user interface plus SCPI programming capabilities. This is particularly beneficial in automated testing, such as during design validation and manufacturing.

X-Series Measurement Applications

The new and enhanced measurement applications are part of a common library of more than 22 advanced measurement applications within the Agilent X-Series family. The X-Series analyzers use an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. The X-Series analyzers; with an upgradeable CPU, memory, disk drives and I/O ports; enable engineers to keep their test assets current and extend instrument longevity. Proven algorithms, 100 percent code-compatibility and a common user interface across the X-Series create a consistent measurement framework for signal analysis. This ensures repeatable results and measurement integrity, making it possible for engineers to leverage their test system software through all phases of product development. Engineers can further extend their test assets by transporting applications across multiple X-Series analyzers.

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