Mobile World Congress: Anritsu to show way ahead for M2M communication with connected car demo running on LTE network simulator

Mobile World Congress: Anritsu to show way ahead for M2M communication with connected car demo running on LTE network simulator


Anritsu announced that its stand at Mobile World Congress 2015 (Barcelona, 2-5 March) will feature a sophisticated, cloud-based connected car system for fleet tracking developed by the University of Hertfordshire in the UK with the help of network simulation technology from Anritsu.

Anritsu’s stand (Hall 6/6F40) will also show that it continues to provide the measurement industry’s most comprehensive support for developers of new mobile phone technology, demonstrating live tests of a mobile handset operating at the latest 450Mb/s peak data rate, and of experimental 5G waveforms.

The connected car demonstration shows a car’s diagnostics system connecting to the cloud via a simulated LTE network environment provided by Anritsu’s popular mobile network simulator, the MD8475A. An application in the cloud enables a fleet manager on any internet-connected device to view the location and operating parameters of any vehicle in the fleet in real time. The MD8475A enables the university’s development team to test, from their Hertfordshire laboratory and with a single instrument, how the system’s in-car LTE modem would perform in mobile networks all across the world, and operating according to all major worldwide standards.

Test systems for mobile phone technology in development can also be seen on Anritsu’s stand. The MS2830A, which provides a platform for the generation and analysis of candidate 5G waveforms, will be running live tests of signals from devices implementing the latest experimental 5G modulation schemes.

The stand will also display the latest ME7834LA and ME7873LA versions of Anritsu’s market-leading GCF certification platforms, for conformance testing of mobile handsets. These new test systems support the 450Mb/s data rate offered by Category 9 user equipment running 3CA (3x Carrier Aggregation) technology. The early availability of a working 450Mb/s test system is consistent with Anritsu’s history of introducing certified test solutions to support new mobile phone standards before any other instrument manufacturer.

Another new product introduction at Mobile World Congress is Anritsu’s latest innovation in service assurance equipment: a new ’multi-dimensional assurance solution’. Based on Anritsu’s existing MasterClaw™ monitoring system, this new multi-technology solution for service providers provides essential service-delivery information from every layer of the organisation. Using the eoLive and eoSight applications, the aggregated data are processed with real-time network analytics and insights tools, and the results displayed with multi-dimensional views to provide the user with predictive analytics.

Also on view at Anritsu’s stand at Mobile World Congress will be:

  • The MT8870A universal wireless production test multi-RF platform, testing Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and cellular signals with a single system.
  • The MD8475A device test platform for both R&D testing and for carrier acceptance testing (showing the latest China Mobile roaming test solution).
  • Innovative new field test solutions for cell site installation, PIM testing, and interference hunting in mobile networks, to ensure a high quality and reliable customer experience.

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