Agilent Technologies' New LTE Base-Station Emulator Speeds Development and Verification of LTE User Equipment

Agilent Technologies' New LTE Base-Station Emulator Speeds Development and Verification of LTE User Equipment


Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the PXT Wireless Communications Test Set, a powerful, common hardware test platform for use across the LTE development lifecycle.

The PXT test set is designed for RF characterization, protocol verification and end-to-end application testing of LTE user equipment (UE). This new instrument transforms LTE device verification by minimizing design uncertainty and reducing lab setup time, while maximizing performance and scalability.

"The PXT Wireless Communications Test Set allows producers of LTE user equipment to 1) rapidly move from development to deployment; 2) improve the integrity and quality of their products; and 3) reduce product cost," said Guy Sene, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Microwave and Communications Division. "With the introduction of this test set, Agilent further strengthens its unmatched portfolio of electronic test solutions for LTE and other wireless technologies."

Agilent's PXT test set represents a significant breakthrough in testing UE for all planned LTE deployments. The PXT offers:

  • frequency coverage to 6 GHz, 20 MHz bandwidth, MIMO, base-station emulation -- all in an integrated unit that can be configured with a wide range of network parameters through an easy-to-use Windows(r)-based user interface;
  • an RF parametric test suite that provides test mode signaling for characterization and verification of the UE transmitter and receiver;
  • a functional and application test suite that supports enhanced protocol and end-to-end application testing; stressing and debugging signaling; and data handling capabilities of UE designs; and
  • real-time protocol logging that adds to its extensive debugging and analysis capabilities.

The PXT test set gives development engineers of different disciplines a vast range of test and verification capabilities and does so in a controlled laboratory environment. As a result, engineers gain greater insight into the complex LTE design issues. Feature updates will be made available as the LTE standards evolve. In addition the PXT is backed by dedicated technical support representatives in all major geographies.

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