Anritsu Company Introduces 4-port Test Set for VectorStar VNA Family

Anritsu Company Introduces 4-port Test Set for VectorStar VNA Family


Anritsu Company introduces the MN469xC test set for its industry-leading VectorStar™ MS4640B Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) family that brings the inherent advantages of the VectorStar platform – including industry-best frequency coverage and True Mode Stimulus (TMS) accuracy and performance – to 4-port measurement applications. The 4-port VectorStar provides signal integrity and active device engineers with best-in-class measurement results for improved simulation tools and greater confidence in differential device designs.

Engineers can use the 4-port VectorStar to conduct detailed TMS differential analysis from 70 kHz up to 145 GHz in a single sweep using Anritsu’s proprietary DifferentialView, which provides a number of unique features. DifferentialView offers the ability to provide a calibrated TMS signal to differential devices and has the ability to sweep phase for full analysis of devices. Superior phase accuracy is achieved through DifferentialView for better device modeling and characterization, which leads to faster design turns. In addition to highly accurate TMS measurements, DifferentialView allows devices and components to be analyzed more quickly by providing a continuous measurement display while users actively edit key parameters.

VectorStar is the only solution on the market that can provide high-quality S-parameter measurements down to 70 kHz, for more accurate DC term estimation to maximize the chances of simulation convergence. Unlike other VNAs, VectorStar offers extensive standard 4-port de-embedding tools for measuring differential devices at the input of the device, thereby eliminating the need for external PC and software, which reduces cost and improves efficiency.

The combination of the MN469xC test set and dual source creates a second internal source for simultaneous simulation of differential devices. With these options, VectorStar calibrates, controls, and modifies the phase and magnitude between the two internal sources and ensures the stimulus signals to the differential devices are calibrated and accurate for differential or common-mode operation.

VectorStar VNA models are available in frequency ranges from 70 kHz to 20, 40, 50 and 70 GHz, and as broadband systems from 70 kHz to 110, 125, and 145 GHz. VectorStar can also provide frequency coverage up to 1.1 THz, with mm-wave modules, depending on the specific frequency range required. They offer superior dynamic range up to 142 dB and high available power up to +14 dBm. VectorStar also has best-in-class test port characteristic performance - up to 50 dB in directivity, source match and load match

Anritsu Corporation,

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