Revitalizing the next-generation of cameras, TI delivers best-in-class integrated Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology in new DaVinci™ video processors

Revitalizing the next-generation of cameras, TI delivers best-in-class integrated Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology in new DaVinci™ video processors


Continuing its commitment to innovations that help make the world safer, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) is introducing three new DaVinci™ video processors, the DM388, DMVA3 and DM383, for next-generation camera needs. With TI's DM388 video processor, security manufacturers can leverage superior low-light technology to produce clear image quality, even in extreme low light environments. Security manufactures can also take advantage of affordable and accurate low power analytics technology via TI's DMVA3 vision coprocessor. With the DM383, TI is expanding its camera expertise into dashboard camera products, providing manufacturers with enhanced video quality for multi-sensor automotive video recorders in bright and low-light conditions. Customers using TI's DaVinci portfolio of video processors can quickly, easily and cost effectively build a scalable portfolio of highly differentiated IP cameras and dashboard camera applications.

"TI's new lower power DaVinci video processors enable Hikvision to manufacture smaller and more intelligent IP Cameras with best in class noise filtering and wide dynamic range performance," said Wu Weiqi, senior vice president, Hikvision.

A closer look at the technology behind the next-generation of cameras

DM388 – Delivering superior motion compensated low-light performance
With the DaVinci DM388 video processor, TI is delivering its fourth generation advanced motion compensated low-light technology for the two megapixel real-time IP camera market. The DM388 is capable of producing clear images at half the lighting required by the nearest competitive solution, making the cameras suitable for extreme low-light environments with any type of movement such as traffic cameras at dusk and dawn, parking areas or garages of an arena or venue and sports events during the evening hours. Putting TI at the forefront of low-light technology, the DM388 can simultaneously compress, transmit, and apply 3D noise filter and wide dynamic range, all in real time in a H.264 / SVCT format.

TI offers customers the ability to differentiate their products with flexible features, such as:

  • High efficiency H.264 compression with noise filtering to save network bandwidth and storage space for videos in dark scenes
  • Simultaneous multi-profile (base/main/high) encoding to provide the best video quality and compatibility
  • Best-in-class integrated image signal processing (ISP) technology to enable true-to-life image quality along with face detection, video stabilization and fish-eye correction

DMVA3- A high performance programmable vision coprocessor
The addition of TI's DMVA3 vision coprocessor introduces the IP camera market to an affordable and accurate low-power analytics solution. The DMVA3 has v.1.1 of TI's proven vision coprocessor technology and has a 720MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 for control heuristics. The camera is capable of compressing videos at 20 Megapixels or higher resolution while concurrently running video analytics algorithms. TI's tamper detection, intelligent motion detection, trip zone, people detection and metadata streaming functions are bundled with the processor. The DMVA3 vision coprocessor library allows customers to port their own algorithms onto the DMVA3 processor. The analytics assisted high-efficiency H.264 HP compression saves both the network bandwidth and storage space.

DM383- Exceptional video quality for dashboard cameras
TI's DM383 video processor delivers excellent video quality in both bright and low-light conditions for automobile dashboard cameras. The DM383 supports dual raw image sensor input with the performance of full-HD per camera H.264/SVC-T high-profile video compression, enabling superior quality 3D noise filters for locations from a dimly lit road to a dark parking lot such as a shopping center. It is also capable of producing great video quality in locations that feature a wide dynamic range of light transitions throughout a scene.

Additionally, the DM383 provides further support for Serial ATA (SATA) and CAN bus needed for dashboard cameras, while being able to leverage the deployment of TI's flagship processor for the security market, the DM385. The CAN bus integration allows smarter controls for video recording and is capable of storing events from the automobile onto the video timeline. This SATA integration allows larger and more robust video storage, allowing higher quality video recording.

Easing camera development with tools, software and analog ICs

TI's DM388, DMVA3, DM383 and DM385 are all pin-to-pin and software compatible. The DM388 and DMVA3 reference designs are both ONVIF compliant. TI's analog ICs, such as the SN65LVDS324 image sensor receiver, DS90UB913A-Q1/914A-Q1 FPD-Link III SerDes chipset, and DS30EA101 HD-SDI cable equalizer, combine with a DaVinci video processor to help engineers quickly customize their video system.

Easily power the DaVinci video processor using one of TI's Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) PD controller ICs. With a broad portfolio covering every power level including the TPS2379, which enables greater than 25.5W of IEEE standard power, and a full suite of reference designs, schematics and test reports ready for your immediate download in the Powerlab™ reference design library, power supply for video cameras has never been easier.

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