New high-end test platform from Rohde & Schwarz offers all-in-one solution for testing broadcast equipment

New high-end test platform from Rohde & Schwarz offers all-in-one solution for testing broadcast equipment


The R&S BTC reference signal generator enables users to perform complete end-to-end tests in realtime over all open systems interconnection (OSI) levels. DUTs can also be integrated into fully automated test sequences. This all-in-one generator handles today’s and tomorrow’s transmission standards. Video and audio streams can be generated, played back, fed externally and output in modulated form. The R&S BTC combines signal generation, DUT embedding and video/audio analysis while simultaneously determining the picture failure point (PFP). The result is fast, convenient and reproducible objective picture quality assessment.

Applications include development, certification and quality assurance for chipset and receiver manufacturers as well as test houses. Manufacturers of professional satellite equipment, network operators, rental companies, regulatory authorities and the A&D industry will also benefit from this scalable test solution.

The R&S BTC high-end broadcast signal generator has two separate realtime signal paths, each with a modulation bandwidth of 160 MHz. The R&S BTC comes with a comprehensive range of analysis features and supports all common digital and analog standards for cable, satellite and terrestrial television as well as digital and analog audio broadcasting standards and second-generation DVB standards such as DVB-T2, DVB-C2, DVB-S2 and their interfaces.

Thanks to its modular design, the R&S BTC can be optimized to perform a variety of tasks. This saves money since it eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming test setups with many separate T&M instruments. Integrated, automated test sequence control and test suites, such as DTG d-book, e-book and NorDig, reduce test times. The repeatable tests allow otherwise time-consuming certification and logo tests to be carried out quickly and reliably.

One of the main tasks when developing broadcast equipment is to test the equipment under realistic and complex interference conditions. The R&S BTC covers this requirement by offering up to eight arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) per RF path in addition to the two independent realtime signal paths. The AWGs generate complex interference scenarios with a maximum dynamic range over the entire frequency bandwidth. Realistic environmental conditions can be simulated using various noise sources (broadband and bandlimited AWGN, impulse or phase noise), predistortion, nonlinearities, filtering, fading and MIMO.

Developers of chips and tuners need I/Q data to be highly flexible in terms of data rates and data formats. The R&S BTC is equipped with digital I/Q data interfaces and flexible I/Q data input/output for ideal test and design capabilities.

The high resolution, 8.4-inch touchscreen display and the graphical user interface with hierarchical function blocks allow users to quickly and easily operate the R&S BTC. The entire test setup, including signal generation, sequence control, analysis and the DUT, can be graphically displayed for a clear overview of even complex measurement tasks. The remote control commands are compatible with the successful R&S SFx family, also with the R&S SFU, an internationally established multistandard reference signal generator. This simplifies the integration of the R&S BTC in existing test environments.

The R&S BTC reference signal generator is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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