Rohde & Schwarz to present enhanced oscilloscope portfolio at embedded world 2013

Rohde & Schwarz to present enhanced oscilloscope portfolio at embedded world 2013


The R&S RT-ZS60 active voltage probe is the perfect solution for any task requiring single-ended measurements of signal integrity. The R&S RT-ZS60 is the market’s first compact, single-ended 6 GHz probe that can handle tests on high-speed interfaces such as DDR memory modules or general analyses for A&D, research or consumer electronics, for example.

For automotive, power and medical technology applications, the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe offers customers the benefits of a selectable measurement range, which provides an optimal dynamic range with its maximum measurement voltage of 1 kV (RMS). The certification for the CAT III safety rating allows measurements all the way up to the building installation. For measurements on differential signals, the R&S RT-ZD01 offers extremely high accuracy thanks to its outstanding common mode rejection ratio of –80 dB. Just like all other Rohde & Schwarz probes, this model also ensures very low loading of the test point.

Today it is hard to imagine data exchange and instrument control without USB. No other interface has achieved such popularity for user equipment, consumer electronics and industrial products. As a result, the need for reliable, fast test solutions in development and integration has also increased. Rohde & Schwarz meets this need with the R&S RTO-K21 USB 2.0 compliance test software for its R&S RTO high-performance oscilloscope. The software offers scenarios for testing USB 2.0 DUTs when functioning as a device, host or hub. The different tests verify the signal quality, the exchange of data packets, the timing between transmitter and receiver, the receiver sensitivity and much more.

The I2S, LJ, RJ and TDM serial buses are unidirectional point-to-point links. They carry digital audio data between ICs and are often used to connect analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters to digital signal processors (DSP). The new R&S RTO-K5 option for the R&S RTO high-performance oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz addresses the complex requirements in the development of electrical components equipped with audio interfaces.

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