New Rohde & Schwarz frequency converters open up network analysis in the frequency range up to 500 GHz

New Rohde & Schwarz frequency converters open up network analysis in the frequency range up to 500 GHz


Rohde & Schwarz has announced the availability of its new R&S ZVA-Z500 frequency converters that enable network analyzers to cover the 325 GHz to 500 GHz range. The R&S ZVA-Z500 models feature a superior dynamic range and outstanding output power over the entire frequency band, and can be set up completely via the network analyzer interface.

The new R&S ZVA-Z500 converter expands the frequency range for the high-end network analyzers to 325 GHz to 500 GHz. The converter allows millimeter-wave measurements with a dynamic range of typ. > 65 dB and an output power of typ. -24 dBm. It is ideal for research and development of components in the millimeter-wave range (Y band) as well as for antenna measurements and microwave imaging. The new converters are especially designed to meet the needs of national civil and military research institutions, universities and metrology institutes.

The R&S ZVA-Z500 can be used with a WR02 waveguide connector to analyze components such as amplifiers, mixers and filters. The Rohde & Schwarz converters are also ideal for use with commercially available wafer prober systems.

The frequency converters are very easy to use. To create the LO frequency without an additional signal generator, the R&S ZVA-Z500 is simply connected to a four-port network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz. The connected converter can be selected via the operating dialog screen of the analyzer. All key parameters are then automatically set: the frequency limits of the specified band, the multiplication factors for the RF and the LO signals, the levels of these signals, and the receiver frequency. The converters are perfectly adapted to the network analyzers’ operating concept.

The new R&S ZVA-Z500 frequency converter for the R&S ZVA24, R&S ZVA40, R&S ZVA50, R&S ZVA67 and R&S ZVT20 high-end network analyzers is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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