Molded Surface Mount Ceramic Y1 Capacitors

Molded Surface Mount Ceramic Y1 Capacitors


Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Capacitor Products, offers the NEW ECK-THC Series Surface Mount Ceramic Sub-Class Y1-Rated Capacitors for power supply applications. This Series is for line-to-ground use and has a voltage rating of 250 VAC. The NEW ECK-THC Series offers capacitance values of 100, 220, and 470pF and capacitance tolerances of +/-10 or +/-20%. Flexible style terminations afford a greater measure of safety. ECK-THC Series Surface Mount Y1-Rated capacitors are a unique industry offering. Earlier solutions were a Radial Leaded (Through-Hole) Capacitor or two (2) Y2 Surface Mount Capacitors in series.


  • Y1 (Line-To-Ground) Rating
  • Resin Molded SMD Type for Flow/Reflow Soldering (HC)
  • High Reliability
  • Safety Requirement Recognition: UL, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO
  • RoHS Directive Compliant


  • Safety Agency Recognition for Ease of Equipment Approval.
  • Meets Peak Impulse of 8kV (Y1)


  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Interference Suppressor Circuits and Isolation Circuit of IT Equipment such as MODEM
  • Interference Suppressor Circuits of Small Power Supply Machinery, such as DC-DC Converters and Power Modules
  • Interference Suppressor Circuits on AC Primary Side for General Electronic Equipment

For detailed specification information the ECK-THC Series Ceramic Capacitor New Product Introduction, please visit today!

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