Anritsu Introduces Tracking Generator with CW Generator for Spectrum Master™ MS2711E, MS2712E and MS2713E Analyzers

Anritsu Introduces Tracking Generator with CW Generator for Spectrum Master™ MS2711E, MS2712E and MS2713E Analyzers


Anritsu introduces a tracking generator for its Spectrum Master™ MS2711E, MS2712E, and MS2713E models that enhances the overall performance of the handheld analyzers, while making it easier and faster for field technicians to conduct additional measurements. With the tracking generator installed, the Spectrum Master analyzers can be used by service providers, R&D engineering, contractors, installers, public safety organizations, and broadcast stations to conduct highly accurate measurements and improve efficiency when deploying, installing, and maintaining networks.

The Spectrum Master with tracking generator is designed with a CW generator that delivers equally high performance. Covering a frequency range of 500 kHz to either 3 GHz (MS2711E), 4 GHz (MS2712E), or 6 GHz (MS2713E), the Spectrum Master analyzers with the tracking generator have an output power range of -50 to 0 dBm, and output flatness of +/- 1.0 dB (max.), +/- 0.3 dB (typical). Nominal step size is 0.1 dB with the tracking generator installed in the Spectrum Master analyzers.

Additionally, a power accuracy procedure has been included in the tracking generator that ensures highly accurate measurements are made. The user-enabled power accuracy procedure removes inaccuracies caused by temperature variations, while enhancing overall output power flatness across the frequency band.

Another key benefit of the tracking generator is a new user interface that simplifies making measurements. User-friendly, the touchscreen-enabled user interface utilizes images and graphics to visually guide the user on which parameter to enter and how to enter it, eliminating the complexity associated with some tests.

Spectrum Master models can be used in a variety of broadcast and cellular applications. Field technicians can use the Spectrum Master with the tracking generator to measure filter insertion loss and frequency response. Additionally, gain, loss, and compression of amplifiers, and other active and passive devices can be measured, as well.

All Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzers provide excellent flexibility in field environments, for locating, identifying, recording, and solving communication systems problems without sacrificing measurement accuracy. The models have dedicated routines for simple one-button measurements for field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR), Carrier-to-Interference ratio (C/I), and AM/FM/SSB demodulator. With advanced marker and limit line capabilities, the flexibility and power is available to meet all types of field measurement needs.

The tracking generator is option 20 for the MS2711E, MS2712E and MS2713E.

Anritsu Corporation,

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