New 4 GHz oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz delivers highest precision and acquisition rate in its class

New 4 GHz oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz delivers highest precision and acquisition rate in its class


Rohde & Schwarz continues to systematically broaden its oscilloscope portfolio, adding a 4 GHz model to its R&S RTO high-performance oscilloscope family. Together, the new R&S RTO1044 and the R&S RT-ZD40 differential probe (4.5 GHz bandwidth) are a powerful solution for developing digital, analog and RF designs.

The new 4 GHz high-performance oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz with its 20 Gsample/s sampling rate addresses a wide variety of applications: The R&S RTO1044 is ideal for analyzing fast signals and steep edges. It can handle different data interfaces up to a data rate of 1.6 Gbps and can also be used to test fast clock signals up to a frequency of 800 MHz.

User benefits of the R&S RTO family: High sensitivity and measurement accuracy make the R&S RTO an indispensable tool for measurements of typically low-amplitude (< 1 V) signals. Thanks to the extremely low-noise frontend, the full measurement bandwidth of 4 GHz is available at even the smallest scaling (1 mV/div). The 10 GHz single-core A/D converter provides an outstanding dynamic range (ENOB > 7 bit). Another unique characteristic is the unprecedented high acquisition and analysis rate of 1 million waveforms per second. The digital trigger system makes it possible to accurately pinpoint narrow glitches (down to 50 ps) and their origin. And an adjustable trigger hysteresis allows users to optimize the trigger sensitivity to the signal characteristics.

The combination of fast FFT analysis, high dynamic range and a bandwidth of up to 4 GHz makes the R&S RTO1044 ideal for frequency domain measurements: When verifying circuit designs and during debugging, even sporadic EMI interferers are reliably detected. The spectra of up to four RF signals can be observed in parallel and phase-coherent.

Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes feature touchscreen operation that redefines ease of use. The cleverly designed screen with its semitransparent dialog boxes, drag-and-drop measurement windows, configurable toolbar and preview icons with live waveforms allows users to accomplish even complex measurement tasks quickly and efficiently. The 10.4 inch touchscreen strikes the right balance between usability and compactness.

"The many features offered by the new 4 GHz oscilloscope make it the ideal solution for general research, medical technology and the development of RF chipsets,” says Jörg Fries, Director of the Oscilloscope Subdivision at Rohde & Schwarz.

The 4 GHz R&S RTO1044 and the R&S RT-ZD40 differential probe with 4.5 GHz bandwidth can now be ordered from Rohde & Schwarz.

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