Agilent Technologies Introduces First Complete and Compliant 60-GHz Wireless Test Solution with M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator


/upload/images/Agilent_M8190.jpgAgilent Technologies Inc. announced the first complete and compliant test solution for 60-GHz wireless devices, including WiGig, WirelessHD and IEEE 802.11ad devices. Agilent's compliant solutions cover the lifecycle for mmWave devices from system-level design to verification testing.

Using Agilent's new 81199A Wideband Waveform Center software and the M8190A arbitrary waveform generator or a high-performance Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscope, design teams can verify the overall performance of new 60-GHz wireless devices and validation engineers can perform specific measurements with expected values for transmitters and receivers as defined in the standard.

Agilent M8190 screen Agilent M8190

The complete Agilent solution offers arbitrary waveform creation, frequency conversion, signal modulation and spectrum analysis. It handles signals operating in the baseband, intermediate-frequency or radio-frequency range up to 60 GHz.

The Wideband Waveform Center software offers:

  • Standard-compliant waveform generation. (Libraries of waveforms and measurements are available for the different standards.)
  • Measurement results at a glance. (All important results can be configured on one screen. A color-coded composite constellation display allows fast detection of problems.)
  • Simple drill down to possible parameters.
  • Calibration routines for optimizing performance of devices.

"With the new 60-GHz communication standards, modulation bandwidth is now100 times wider than it was before, which complicates our customers' jobs," said Jürgen Beck, general manager of Agilent's digital photonic test business. "We aim to simplify tasks for our customers so they can focus on their core competencies. Our new software takes care of reading and interpreting the standards and makes it easier for customers to test to the standards using the M8190A arbitrary waveform generator."

The new wideband waveform software is available in two form factors, as a standalone software package for waveform generation and analysis or integrated into Agilent's SystemVue physical-layer modeling and design solution.

As part of SystemVue's W1915 mmWave WPAN library, the wideband waveform creation application allows designers to use compliant WiGig and 802.11ad waveforms as a simulation stimulus for mmWave architectures that are modeled in SystemVue. The application also serves as a validation reference for further physical-layer DSP development for these ultra-wideband communication standards.

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