The new Documenting Process Calibrator Fluke 754/753

The new Documenting Process Calibrator Fluke 754/753


Fluke has taken its popular 743 and 744 Documenting Process Calibrators and improved them. And you’re going to love the results. The new Fluke 753 and 754 give you an easier to read screen, newer software, improved battery life, USB ports, and more. They operate just like the 743 and 744—no training required if you already know these tools.

The new Fluke 753 and 754 give you:

  • Increased accuracy 
  • Enhanced reliability
  • HART enabled*
  • 99.7% confidence level

The new Documenting Process Calibrators do the work of several tools. They calibrate temperature, pressure**, voltage, current, resistance and frequency. Easily troubleshoot HART instrumentation. 743 and 744 will record and document your results to your PC. And all this with one tool — the 753 or 754 Documenting Process Calibrator.

Learn more information by visiting links below:

* Fluke 754 only
** Requires pressure module accessory

Fluke Corporation

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