AM-1061 Professional Digital Multimeter

AKTAKOM AM-1061 Professional Digital Multimeter
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Warranty: 1 year
User's Manual (2.66 Mb)

True RMS

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AKTAKOM AM-1061 handheld digital multimeter is designed to offer all the features needed to help you obtain accurate measurements and quickly detect problems in electronics troubleshooting.

AM-1061 handheld digital multimeter (analog of Lutron DM-9961) provides multi function measurement: DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature, Diode, Continuity beeper. AKTAKOM AM-1061 digital multimeter combines wide range, high accuracy and safety.

Large LCD with digit height 1 inch makes this multimeter especially useful in education.

AM-1061 Digital Multimeter Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty CATIII-1000V category.
  • True-RMS feature ensures the most accurate measurements on non-sinusoidal and distorted signals.
  • 4000 counts, auto/manual range
  • Large LCD, digit height 1in/23mm.
  • ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA, ohms, continuity buzzer
  • Hz/Duty cycle, Capacitance, diode
  • Data hold, Relative, range hold
  • High input impedance for mV range
  • 10A current with fuse protection

DC Voltage (DCV)1000 V
DCV Accuracy±(0.5%+2)
DCV Resolution0.1 mV
AC Voltage (ACV)1000 V
ACV Accuracy±(1.0%+2)
ACV Resolution0.1 mV
DC Current (DCA)10 A
DCA Accuracy±(0.5%+2)
DCA Resolution0.1 μA
AC Current (ACA)10 A
ACA Accuracy±(0.5%+2)
ACA Resolution0.1 μA
Frequency0.001 Hz...4 MHz
Duty Cycle0.1%...99.9%
Resistance0.1 Ω...40 MΩ
Capacitance10 pF...100 µF
Diode test+
Continuity check+
True RMS+
Data hold+
Relative measurement+
DisplayLCD, 4000 counts
Power supply9 V battery
Dimensions7.6 x 3.5 x 1.6 in / 194 x 89 x 40 mm

Accuracy tables

DC Voltage

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
400 mV 0.1 mV ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 mV mV
4 V 0.001 V ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 V V
40 V 0.01 V ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.21995 V V
400 V 0.1 V ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 V V
1000 V 1 V ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±6.995 V V

AC Voltage

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
4 V 0.001 V ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±0.04199 V V
40 V 0.01 V ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±0.4199 V V
400 V 0.1 V ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±4.199 V V
1000 V 1 V ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±11.99 V V

DC Current

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
400 µA 0.1 µA ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±4.199 µA µA
4000 µA 1 µA ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±41.99 µA µA
40 mA 0.01 mA ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±0.4199 mA mA
400 mA 0.1 mA ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±4.199 mA mA
10 A 0.01 A ±(1.0%+2 digits) ±0.1199 A A

AC Current

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
400 μA 0.1 μA ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 μA μA
4000 μA 1 μA ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±21.995 μA μA
40 mA 0.01 mA ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.21995 mA mA
400 mA 0.1 mA ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 mA mA
10 A 0.01 A ±(1.5%+2 digits) ±0.16985 A A


RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
4 Hz 0.001 Hz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 Hz Hz
40 Hz 0.01 Hz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.21995 Hz Hz
400 Hz 0.1 Hz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 Hz Hz
4 kHz 0.001 kHz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 kHz kHz
40 kHz 0.01 kHz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.21995 kHz kHz
400 kHz 0.1 kHz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 kHz kHz
4 MHz 1 kHz ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 MHz MHz


RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
400 Ω 0.1 Ω ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 Ω Ω
4 kΩ 1 Ω ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 kΩ
40 kΩ 10 Ω ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.21995 kΩ
400 kΩ 100 Ω ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±2.1995 kΩ
4 MΩ 1 kΩ ±(0.5%+2 digits) ±0.021995 MΩ
40 MΩ 10 kΩ ±(2.0%+5 digits) ±0.8498 MΩ


RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
40 nF 0.01 nF ±(3.0%+1 digits) ±1.2097 nF nF
400 nF 0.1 nF ±(3.0%+1 digits) ±12.097 nF nF
4 µF 0.001 µF ±(3.0%+1 digits) ±0.12097 µF µF
40 µF 0.01 µF ±(3.0%+1 digits) ±1.2097 µF µF
100 µF 0.1 µF ±(3.0%+1 digits) ±3.097 µF µF


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage
400mV 0.1mV ±(0.5%reading+2digits)
4V 0.001V
40V 0.01V
400V 0.1V
1000V 1V
AC Voltage (50/60Hz, True RMS) 4V 0.001V ±(1.0%reading+2digits)
40V 0.01V
400V 0.1V
1000V 1V
DC Current
400μA 0.1μA ±(1.0%reading+2digits)
4000μA 1μA
40mA 0.01mA
400mA 0.1mA
10A 0.01A
AC Current (50/60Hz, TrueRMS) 400μA 0.1μA ±(0.5%reading+2digits)
4000μA 1μA
40mA 0.01mA
400mA 0.1mA
10A 0.01A ±(1.5%reading+2digits)
Resistance 400Ω 0.1Ω ±(0.5%reading+2digits)
40kΩ 10Ω
400kΩ 100Ω
4MΩ 1kΩ
40MΩ 10kΩ ±(2.0%reading+5digits)
Continuity buzzer: <20Ω ; Max Voltage 500V (DC) / 250V (AC rms)
Capacitance 40nF
±(3.0%reading+20digits), C<2nF

±(3.0%reading+1digits), C>2nF
4μF 0.001μF
100μF 0.1μF
Frequency (response 1.5V...5V)
4Hz 0.001Hz ±(0.5%reading+2digits)
40Hz 0.01Hz
400Hz 0.1Hz
40kHz 0.01kHz
400kHz 0.1kHz
4MHz 1kHz
Duty Cycle (10kHz max; 2...5V)

General specifications

  • Display: Large LCD (4000 counts), digits 23mm high.
  • Range selection: Auto range with manual range selecting
  • Data hold: To freeze the display reading on the LCD display
  • Memory recall: Records Maximum & Minimum readings with recall
  • Relative measurement: To offset the measurement value
  • Polarity: Automatic Switching, "-" indicates negative polarity
  • Zero adjustment: Automatic
  • Sampling time: Approx. 0.5 to 1 second
  • Input impedance: 10 MOhm.
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Operating humidity: Max. 80%RH.
  • Power supply: 9V battery x 1
  • Power consumption: Approx. DC 1.7mA
  • Dimensions: 7.3x3.5x1.6in / 185x88x40mm
  • Weight: 0.77lb / 350g

Included accessories

  • Red and Black Test Leads (CAT III 1KV Test Leads)
  • 0.5 Amp Spare Fuse
  • User Manual

Optional accessories

  • Full line adapters: ACA/DCA current adapter, adapter, Tachometer adapter, Humidity adapter, Pressure adapter, Light adapter, EMF adapter, Sound level adapter, High voltage probe
  • Soft carrying case

DMM basic measurement functions

As an example: oscilloscope diagnostic board AKTAKOM AEE-1017-V1 testing modes are given.

AC/DC Voltage (parallel connection to the circuit) & Current (serial! connection to the break in circuit)

e.g.: sine output (3V/5kHz)

AC Voltage Line Frequency ("Hz" button)

e.g.: "FM" output (5kHz)

Resistance measurement

e.g.: 4.5 kOhm resistor


e.g.: SMD capacitor

Frequency (logic)

e.g.: Counter impulse frequency

Continuity (sound buzzer)

e.g.: between different "ground" points of the circuit

Temperature (K type probe)

e.g.: micro-chip surface temperature

Relative measurements (offset)

e.g.: leads resistance compensation

Diode test

e.g.: diode forward and backward Voltage drop

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does AKTAKOM AMM-1061 multimeter have auto power off function?
  • How can I deactivate Auto Power Off function of AKTAKOM AMM-1061 multimeter?
  • How DMM is designed (disassembled view)
  • How to replace or install the batteries in AM-1060?

  • Does AKTAKOM AMM-1061 multimeter have auto power off function?

    Yes, it does. There is Auto Power Off function in AMM-1061: the device power automatically goes off if you do not use the device within 30 minutes. If you’d like to switch the device on after it was automatically powered off press any button or use the rotary switch.


    How can I deactivate Auto Power Off function of AKTAKOM AMM-1061 multimeter?

    Auto Power Off function can’t be disabled in AMM-1061 multimeter.


    How DMM is designed (disassembled view)

    Front panel covers LCD, button board, rotary function switch gear and main plated circuit board:

    *Rubber strip between the back and front chassis covers protects from water and dust.

    Protective fuses are mounted near the inputs and sound buzzer is placed behind the LCD.

    *There is also an extra fuse fixed at the buttom (for several models)

    How to replace or install the batteries in AM-1060?

    When the batteries become exhausted or drop below the operating voltage, “BAT” indicator will appear in the LCD display. In this case the battery should be replaced, however in-spec. measurements may still be made for several hours after "Low battery indicator" appears before the instrument become inaccurate.

    WARNING! To avoid electric shock, disconnect the test leads from any source of voltage before removing the battery cover.

    "DC 1.5V" type AAA (e.g. AM-1060)

    1. Open the battery cover by loosing the screws with the cross-point screwdriver

    2. Carefully pull out the buttery carrier and take off the old batteries

    3. Plug the new batteries of the proper type in the holder and put it back

    4.Close the battery cover and reinstate the cover

    After completion make sure you don’t have any spare parts

    If you do find spare parts, you must start all over


    AKTAKOM AM-1061 permite la medición de múltiples funciones.


    • Categoria de servicio pesado CAT III-1000V.
    • Rango auto/manual con 4000 cuentas.
    • Monitor grande LCD con altura de dígitos de 1" / 23mm.
    • Avisador acústico de continuidad ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA, ohms.
    • Ciclo Hz/Duty, Capacitancia, diodos.
    • Mantención de datos, alternos y conservación de rangos.
    • Alta impedancia para entrada para rangos de mV.
    • Corriente de 10 Amp. con fusible de protección.
    • Tamańo: 7.6" x 3.5" x 1.6" / 194mm x 89mm x 40mm

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