ALP1641 Function Generator 0.1Hz-2MHz

ALP1641 Function Generator 0.1Hz-2MHz
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  • Frequency range: 0.1-2MHz
  • Output waveform: Sine, Triangle, Square, ±Ramp, ±Pulse
  • TTL/CMOS and OUTPUT synchronous output
  • Less than 1% distortion at 10Hz-100KHz
  • Less than 0.5dB frequency response at 0.1Hz-100KHz
  • 1Hz-30MHz frequency counter

Output frequency2 MHz
WaveformStandard signal of arbitrary waveform generator: Sine, Standard signal of arbitrary waveform generator: Triangle, Standard signal of arbitrary waveform generator: Square, Standard signal of arbitrary waveform generator: Neg-pulse, Standard signal of arbitrary waveform generator: Pos-pulse, Ramp
Amplitude20 Vpp
Special featuresfrequency counter
Power supply110/220 V
Dimensions270 x 225 x 90 mm


Output waveform Sine, Triangle, Square, Positive and Negative Pulse, saw tooth wave
Output Impedance 50Ω ±10%
Amplitude Not less than 20Vp-p (open circuit)
DC Voltage 0-±10V continuously adjustable
Symmetry Range 90:10-10:90
Rising Edge of Square less than 100ns

Sine Characteristic

Distortion Less than 1% at 10Hz-10 KHz
Frequency Response 0.1Hz-100MHz: Less than ±0.5dB
100KHz-2MHz: Less than ±1dB


Level TTL low level less than 0.4V in pulse wave, high level less than 3.5V, CMOS low less tan 0.5V in pulse wave, high level 5V-14V continuously variable.
Rising Time less than 100ns

VCF Input

Output Voltage -5V-0V ±10
Max. volt-cotrolled 1000:1
Input Signal DC-1KHz

Frequency counter

Measuring Range 1Hz-10MHz ≥10Vp-p
Input Impedance Not less than 1MΩ / 20F
Sensitivity 100mVrms
Max. Input 150V (AC+DC)
Input Attenuation 20dB
Accuracy Less than 0.0003% ±1digit
Line power 220V/110V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimension 270Ч225Ч90 mm
Weight 2.5 kg


  • Rango de frecuencia: 0.1-2MHz
  • Forma de onda de salida: Sinusoidal, Triángulo, Cuadrada, ±Rampa, ±Pulso
  • Salida síncrona TTL/CMOS y SALIDA
  • Menos del 1% de distorsión a 10Hz-100KHz
  • Respuesta de frecuencia inferior a 0,5 dB a 0,1 Hz-100 KHz
  • Contador de frecuencia de 1Hz-30MHz

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