AM-3083 Impulse Winding Tester

AKTAKOM AM-3083 Impulse Winding Tester
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RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232)

Irreplaceable when making maintenance and repair work in production and laboratory research. Output impulse voltage: 300 V…3000 V. Resolution: 50V. Test impulse of energy: < 90 mJ. Inductance: from 10 µH. LCD display: 320x240 dots.

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AKTAKOM AM-3083 programmable impulse winding tester provides high-speed measurement processing. It is irreplaceable when making maintenance and repair work in production and laboratory research.

The tester is equipped with a user-friendly control panel which includes the key to move the cursor, to call up the work display, measurement and system menus, to enter and edit numerical values and file names. Convenient multifunctional menu on the right side of the screen is one of the special features of this device used to control the available parameters in different operating modes.


Test result is displayed as an impulse response current oscillogram in voltage, time and frequency mode and compared with the reference waveform in 4 ways:

Comparison by area size (AREA SIZE)

The method is based on the fact that the size of the oscillation area is proportional to the energy loss in the winding caused by a short circuit between the layers.

Comparison by difference of areas (DIFFERENTIAL AREA)

The size of the differential area parts reflects the value of inductance and total energy losses. The method is especially effective when the inductance between the reference winding and the winding under test is different and is the main cause of problems.

Comparison of corona discharge (CORONA DISCHARGE)

AM-3083 detects high-frequency energy (power, intensity) of corona discharge. Corona discharge indicates the appearance of inter-row breakdowns in the transformer windings which leads to the sparking of the winding part, a decrease in the inductive reactance of the coils, an increase in the current density in the winding, tg δ increase and additional heating of the dielectric (transformer oil).

Comparison by difference of phases (PHASE DIFFERNTIAL)

AM-3083 measures the difference between the phases of the reference oscillation and the oscillation under test, which characterizes energy losses for heating the winding wires that have active resistance, for the radiation of electromagnetic waves into the environment, and losses in dielectrics.

Menu of the measurement parameters setting allows selecting one or more testing methods, test cycles, specifying the comparison area of the reference and current oscillograms, the permissible value of the difference between the signals, setting the value of the output pulse voltage, synchronization mode, trigger level and delay duration.

After each test or series of tests it is possible to save the results to a file and obtain statistics of the test series results. You may use a USB flash drive to save the measurement parameters. The file loading function allows storing an entire database of reference characteristics and quickly testing various equipment.

The device fully supports remote control via RS-232 interface using standard commands for programmable SCPI devices.

InterfaceRS-232, Handler


  • Output impulse voltage: 300 V…3000 V
  • Resolution: 50V
  • Test impulse of energy: < 90 mJ
  • Inductance: from 10 µH
  • LCD display: 320x240 dots
  • Waveform display area: 240x200 dots
  • Input impedance: 10 MΩ
  • Measuring speed:
    - 5.5 measurements/sec. (Waveform display is off)
    - 3.3 measurements/sec. (Waveform display is on)
  • Waveform measurement: voltage, time, frequency
  • Graphical display of waveform
  • ZOOM function
  • Internal memory for 60 values, more than 500 values per USB drive
  • Function for displaying of received data statistics
  • Timing Mode: Internal/Manual/External/Bus
  • Interfaces: RS-232, Handler
  • Keyboard lock with password
  • Operating temperature: 0...+40 °C at relative humidity no more than 90%
  • Power: 40 VA
  • Dimensions: 350x135x400 mm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why doesn't the Average-Time command work?

  • Why doesn't the Average-Time command work?

    The Averange-Time command has been renamed to IMP NUMS - the number of pulses in one test.

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