Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator AWG-4150 from AKTAKOM

Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator AWG-4150 from AKTAKOM


AKTAKOM AWG-4150 generator is designed using direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology which ensures high frequency accuracy, low distortion, a fast transition from one frequency to another and lots of other high metrological parameters.

AWG-4150 represents both function and arbitrary waveform generator. Its front panel keeps the buttons to quickly recall five standard waveforms: sine, square, triangular, pulse and noise. And through the device menu there can be more 48 types of special waveforms generated.

This generator has such a distinguishing feature like 2 almost identical channels which differs it from many other similar models. The use of digital synthesis technology allows achieving the maximum resolution when setting the frequency in both channels – 1 μHz. Phase noise: 10kHz Offset, -108dBc/Hz (typical value).

Among other specifications of AKTAKOM AWG-4150 generator:

  • Max. frequency output: 50MHz
  • Sample rate: 125MSa/s
  • Wave length: 16Kpts
  • Frequency resolution: 14 bit
  • Modulation: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PWM, etc.

AKTAKOM AWG-4150 generator has a built-in 6-digit frequency meter with automatic and manual range selection (up to 200 MHz) with the ability to measure: frequency, period, positive / negative pulse duration and duty cycle.

Check more detailed specifications on AKTAKOM AWG-4150 page.

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