Aktakom AM-1019 multimeter. 0.03% (!) accuracy and excellent functionality

Aktakom AM-1019 multimeter. 0.03% (!) accuracy and excellent functionality


Aktakom AM-1019 represents 5-in-1 device. On the one hand it is a digital multimeter, at the same time it also measures the illumination, noise level, humidity. The quality and variety of additional options performed in Aktakom AM-1009 allows you to choose the device suitable for your work.

This model is capable of taking the following measurements: constant voltage (0,1mV ... 600V) and alternating current (0,1mV ... 700V, 40 ... 400Hz) voltage, constant and alternating current (0,1mA ... 10A, 40 ... 400Hz), resistance (0,1Ohm ... 40MΩ), capacitance (1pF ... 200μF), frequency (0.001Hz ... 200kHz), temperature (-20 ... + 1000 ° C), humidity (30 ... 90%), noise level (35 ... 100 dB) and illumination (4000/40000 lux).

AM-1019 is highly appreciated by specialists since it solves a wide range of professional tasks.

Among other features:

  • Display: 3999 counts
  • Measurements: luminosity, sound level, humidity
  • Auto range
  • Data hold
  • Relative measurements
  • Diode test, continuity test
  • Backlit display
  • Auto power off

The page of Aktakom AM-1019 contains the detailed information about its application spheres, answers for the frequently asked questions and additional pictures

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