Aktakom AEL-8321 programmable electronic load

Aktakom AEL-8321 programmable electronic load


Aktakom AEL-8321 programmable electronic load is designed to imitate various load operation modes when testing the power supplies of wireless devices with up to 80 V voltage, current of up to 40 A and the power of 400 W.

AEL-8321 is capable of operating in different modes (stabilization of current, voltage or resistance). The combination of high functionality and remote control feature makes this model be a high performance tester of electric power sources.

Main features of AEL-8321

  • LCD with a backlight
  • ADC: 24 bit, DAC: 17 bit
  • Load operation modes: load voltage stabilization, load current stabilization, resistance stabilization, power stabilization (limitation)
  • Auto calibration
  • Protection: current, voltage, power, overheat, wrong polarity connection
  • Battery test
  • External triggering support
  • Short-circuit mode
  • RS-232 and SCPI commands control
  • LabView support.

Much more details are available on the page of Aktakom AEL-8321 programmable electronic load.

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