New LED panel from AKTAKOM – ALL-6594

New LED panel from AKTAKOM – ALL-6594


One of the effective work terms of any office or laboratory is lighting. Nowadays they usually use luminescent or halogen lamps which have lots of disadvantages – they burn out very quickly, blink, warm up, make noise, can be easily broken and require special utilization terms.

To better the lighting system in your laboratory or office we would like to introduce new AKTAKOM product – new AKTAKOM ALL-6594 LED panel.

ALL-6594 panel has daylight and represents square panel with 240 LEDs which provide bright uniform lighting.

LED lights have a huge advantage over conventional fluorescent lamps:

  • do not contain mercury and other dangerous substances and therefore does not require special disposal;
  • silent;
  • create a bright and uniform light output
  • and, most importantly, energy consumption during operation compared to fluorescent lamps 2 times less, and in comparison with halogen - 10 times!

After you purchase LED panels you will be able to reduce the electric power expenses twice!

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