Precise and reliable AKTAKOM AM-1083 multimeter

Precise and reliable AKTAKOM AM-1083 multimeter


AKTAKOM AM-1083 is a stable and battery-driven 3 1/2 digital multimeter. It is equipped with a large LCD clearly displaying the device measuring values. This multimeter can be used to measure DCV, ACV, DC, AC, resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, triode, open circuit, temperature and frequency, as well as hold peak value. One of the features is the availability of overload protection.

As an instrument with excellent performance AKTAKOM AM-1083 multimeter adopts double integral A/D converter as its core.

On the page of AM-1083 you will find the detailed technical specifications, information about the device controls and application as well as the answers for the frequently asked questions. Also you will find the user manual for your perusal. And unique service of our web site “Accuracy tables” will allow you to identify direct and alternating current accuracy simply by entering the value into the table.

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