AWG-4110 Waveform Generator is on Sale now Save $55 today

AWG-4110 Waveform Generator is on Sale now Save $55 today AKTAKOM AWG-4110 function/arbitrary waveform generator is designed using DDS technology, which provides high resolution and precision. AWG-4110 function/arbitrary waveform generator (analog of SDG1010) provides a multifunction solution for a wide range of applications.
Test equipment applications require signal stimuli varying from advanced communication signals to the playback of captured real-world analog signals. Signal source instruments generate the signal stimulus that is applied to a device under test (DUT). Consequently, signal sources comprise an important class of test instruments. AKTAKOM AWG-4110 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator adopt the direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, which can provide stable, high-precision, pure and low distortion signals. Its combination of excellent system features, easiness in usage and versatile functions makes this generator a perfect solution for your job now and in the future.

On Sale Now old price $355 New Price $299 Offer expires March 31.

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