PTL908-1 Connecting Cable Set of 10

PTL908-1 Connecting Cable Set of 10 PTL908-1 test cable, end tap socket Ø4mm for parallel connection, 45 degree wire to lug connection, spring-loaded movable transparent lug insulation for greater safety and ability to see lug defects, lug length 17mm, Ø4mm, plug length 37mm, conductor cross section 1 mm², total length 111 cm, colors: black, red. Silicon rubber material, double insulation, to ensure that the test lead is durable, flexible, and has high temperature resistance, frost resistance and excellent tensile flexibility. Test lead set connects a compatible electrical test meter to a device for testing. Used in wide range for measuring current, voltage, and resistance, as well as continuity, transistor, and diode testing. Universally suitable for most of digital multimeters. Set of 10
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