NI Announces Real-time Analytics Enablement by Collaborating with Leading ATE Vendor

NI Announces Real-time Analytics Enablement by Collaborating with Leading ATE Vendor


NI announced a new initiative to deliver real-time semiconductor analytics solutions at the edge using their NI Global Operations (GO, formerly Optimal+) platform. This new level of infrastructure and control opens the door for more advanced and customized applications developed by platform users, NI, and even third parties. The announcement is highlighted by a new enablement layer within the NI GO ecosystem and initial integration with leading ATE vendor, Teradyne.

Increasing quality, yield, throughput, and functionality demands on semiconductor test operations have spurred interest in developing better, more responsive test controls. To address this, the new NI Global Operations Real-time Application Enablement Layer extends existing GO platform capabilities to secure, low latency tester servers so analytics models can run in-line with test execution. Rudy Sengupta, NI VP & GM of Test and Analytics Software, adds, “All trends in the semiconductor industry point to a greater emphasis on test. To keep up, our customers need to make test decisions faster, which now means in-line with the test itself. To make this viable, we understand the value of ecosystem collaboration, and see our new Real-time Enablement Layer and ATE partnerships as a critical inflection point in the value, we can derive from test analytics.”

The new enablement layer enhances the open architecture and robust analytics capabilities of NI Global Operations by adding integrated support for ATE test floor platforms. Their local data, security, and communication protocols combined with NI GO backend analytics creates a complete and trusted solution for real-time control in semiconductor test. Starting with Teradyne means their tester footprints will have access to these new capabilities. In addition, the open architecture will allow any and all ATE vendors and platforms to be supported in the future, with more planned announcements to come. 

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