5 things you should know about V2G

5 things you should know about V2G


Electric vehicles (EVs) may provide a powerful jolt to supply sustainable power to our electric grids.

Through vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, battery power from EVs can be harnessed to power homes or share stored energy with electric grids as demand rises. Semiconductor technology will be essential in the V2G rollout, driving electrification forward with new charging and battery-storage solutions.

Here are five things our company’s experts think you should know about V2G:

V2G can ease the strain on aging electric grids

“The problem is not the grid’s overall capacity. The challenge is the grid’s peak capacity. Spikes in demand are getting higher and coming more often as we grow more reliant on power. V2G semiconductor technology could help smooth out these peaks, which can mean less frequent outages and lower overall cost of energy. A key part of this is providing people with smart technologies that can make it easy for them to know the optimal time to charge their EVs. So long as they are not all charging at the same time, like in the evening when they come home from work, the grid will be able to cope.”
- Henrik Mannesson, general manager for grid infrastructure

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