Enhanced R&S NRPxxP RF wideband power measurement sensor family with maximum frequency of 50 GHz

Enhanced R&S NRPxxP RF wideband power measurement sensor family with maximum frequency of 50 GHz


For years, R&S NRP-Z8x power sensors from Rohde & Schwarz have been the measurement instrument of choice for pulsed signals and continuous power measurements on modulated and unmodulated signals. The new R&S NRPxxP family has sensors with a measurement bandwidth up to 30 MHz, a new improved design and an extended frequency range. The three-model family covers frequency ranges from 50 MHz to 18 GHz, 50 MHz to 40 GHz, and a new top model for 50 MHz to 50 GHz.

R&S NRPxxP sensors are optimized to be small enough to be handheld for easy and convenient installation close to the device under test (DUT). The interface uses standard USB hardware and a TMC (test and measurement class) driver for remote control without a dedicated base unit, making the sensors an ideal tool for installation, maintenance or monitoring applications and simplified test system integration. The extended frequency range up to 50 GHz covers the entire Q band used in satellite communications, terrestrial microwave communications, radio astronomy studies, military communications, as well as all 5G FR2 frequencies that are currently commercially relevant.

The R&S NRPxxP family can measure pulses as short as 50 nanoseconds when making power measurements on pulsed signals. The automatic pulse analysis eliminates time consuming marker setting. The complimentary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) enables sensors to calculate the probability of above average power levels by sampling a million points within 25 milliseconds. Users also have maximum operating flexibility thanks to timed trigger measurements or burst detection triggers. R&S NRPxxP sensors can connect to an R&S NRX power meter, selected Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers, a PC with the R&S NRPV virtual power meter or a mobile phone running R&S Power Viewer mobile.


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