Top reliability: new gap filler from Rohde & Schwarz automatically compensates variable echo scenarios

Top reliability: new gap filler from Rohde & Schwarz automatically compensates variable echo scenarios


The new R&S TLU9 GapFiller from Rohde & Schwarz heralds a new era in gap filler technology. Conventional gap fillers are increasingly unable to meet the needs and requirements of network operators. The R&S TLU9 GapFiller, on the other hand, scores top marks for outstanding signal quality in every situation, strong performance even with Doppler echoes, and uninterrupted transmission for maximum reliability. It dramatically reduces maintenance effort and associated operating costs for network operators.

Extreme weather conditions and infrastructure changes such as new rail lines, power masts and wind turbines change the echo situation and thus disrupt the transmit operation of gap filler networks. Current gap fillers are not able to independently respond to these changes and they are also complex to configure. The new R&S smartEC key technology from Rohde & Schwarz remedies these shortcomings. It enables the gap filler to automatically adapt in real time to complex and varying echo scenarios. That eliminates interference effects and maximizes signal quality. Even strong adjacent channels are no challenge for the R&S TLU9 GapFiller. Regular station visits to adjust echo suppression parameters are a thing of the past. It also offers many self-configuration capabilities. For gap filler network operators, the R&S TLU9 GapFiller provides the optimal combination of top signal quality, maximum reliability and minimum operating expenses.

The gap filler delivers the same performance as a low-power transmitter. Its high energy efficiency reduces power costs up to 25 percent. It is suitable for MFN and SFN applications and can be deployed in DVB-T/H, DVB-T2 and ISDB-TB networks in the UHF band from 470 MHz 790 MHz. It is sturdy and so compact that up to 200 W can be housed in just two height units.

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