Enhanced Anritsu Network Master Flex MT1100A Addresses Testing Challenges Associated with Data Centers, Core and Metro Networks

Enhanced Anritsu Network Master Flex MT1100A Addresses Testing Challenges Associated with Data Centers, Core and Metro Networks


Anritsu Company announces expanded capabilities for its Network Master™ Flex MT1100A optical transport tester that address the challenges associated with emerging technologies being integrated into Core and Metro networks, as well as in data centers. With the new options, the MT1100A is the only field portable multi-100G transport tester that can support native client payloads, including Ethernet, Fibre channel, SONET/SDH and CPRI, into various ODU encapsulation, serving as a comprehensive tool to verify network performance during installation and maintenance.

The MT1100A is a powerful, robust instrument for testing OTN signals. In addition to the higher OTU rates, it can test OTU1, OTU2, OTU1e, OTU2e, OTU1f and OTU2f. In addition, the MT1100A supports 10GbE client payload using GFP mapping into ODU2 and ODU2 extended payload. A multi-stage mapping option is also now available for the MT1100A to provide ODUflex support. With this new option installed, the MT1100A divides capacity of ODU2 into eight 1.25G ODUflex time slots for more accurate testing.

Statistical measurements for BER tests, and OTN level alarms and errors for installing and troubleshooting out-of-service OTN lines are supported by the MT1100A. G.8201 or M.2401 error-performance parameters are calculated during measurements. By inserting errors and alarms, and adjusting overhead bytes in the signal transmitted by the MT1100A, stress tests on network elements to be conducted.

Because it identifies problems at all levels in the OTN signal, the MT1100A can solve OTN issues efficiently, reduce system downtime, and lower operating expenses for network operators. It is a single-instrument solution to test a variety of current client signals over the data plane, and has a flexible platform that can be easily updated as technologies advance. Its modular design also allows the MT1100A to support up to 400 Gbps (100 Gbps x 4) R&D, as well as test up to four independent 100 Gbps ports simultaneously, to increase manufacturing efficiency for 100 Gbps transport equipment

100 GbE Optical Module Support
Anritsu has also introduced adapters for the Network Master Flex MT1100A that can be used to evaluate CFP4 and QSFP28 optical modules. The adapters allow for complete Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) and I2C analysis for verification of the integrity of high-speed module interfaces. They can be used to troubleshoot faults by checking the 100G data communications to reduce hardware requirements and lower test costs.


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