SpaceCom 2024

SpaceCom 2024

As part of Commercial Space Week, SpaceCom | 50th Space Congress brings together the entire space ecosystem including sub and prime contractors from commercial industry, international agencies and organizations, end-use markets, major government branches such as NASA, the DoD, the United States Space Force and Space Systems Commend, spaceports, and more.

This is the central resource for accelerating the construction of our space infrastructure and capabilities to:

  • Ensure Defense Capabilities
  • Create an Intelligence-Driven Presence in Space
  • Connect End-Users with Competitive Capabilities
  • Create an Agile Launch & On-Orbit Servicing Program
  • Establish a Global Spaceport Network
  • Empower Exploration & Scientific Research
  • Create Sustainable Solutions for the Planet
  • Protect and Increase the Quality of Life for Humankind
  • And More

Start Date:  01/30/2024
End Date:  02/01/2024
Venue:  Orange County Convention Center; Orlando, FL, USA
Organizer:  National Trade Productions, Inc

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