DSA 2024

DSA 2024

Hosted, supported and co-organised by the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs, Defence Service Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) is the biggest and most efficiently organized Defence and Homeland Security show in Asia showcasing world’s most advance technologies, systems, hardware and electronic warfare that the market has to offer.

DSA has reached three decades since its inception in 1988, marking an impressive in the defence and security show industry.

With 30 years of experience in its grasp, this extraordinary event will showcase some of the world’s most sophisticated technologies, hardware and electronic warfare in Land, Air and Sea Defence, Homeland Security, Combat robotics, Cyber Defence and Security, HADR, UAVs, Battlefield medicine.

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Start Date:  05/06/2024
End Date:  05/09/2024
Venue:  Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, DAS Exhibition And Conference
Organizer:  Ministry of Defence  / Ministry of Home Affairs

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