AeroDef Manufacturing

AeroDef Manufacturing

AeroDef Manufacturing is an aerospace manufacturing and defense manufacturing conference and trade show for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry.

AeroDef showcases the industry’s most advanced technologies across an innovative floor plan designed to facilitate interaction and business relationships between exhibitors and buyers looking for integrated solutions. The keynote speakers and panelists come from the highest levels of government and industry. They participate to share their vision of the potential of technology, collaboration and public policy to transform manufacturing – concepts that attendees will experience on the exposition floor and in the in-depth conference technical sessions. It’s the one event that brings together high-concept, advanced solutions and real-world applications.

Get easy access to the creators and decision makers in aerospace and defense manufacturing, gathered together in one spot to showcase products, solve technology problems, discover solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges, and make valuable business connections.

Held in parallel with Westec.

Start Date:  11/07/2023
End Date:  11/09/2023
Venue:  Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, USA
Organizer:  SME

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