ARFTG 2023

ARFTG 2023

The Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) is a technical organization interested in all aspects of RF and microwave test and measurement. ARFTG was created in 1972 to help end-users get the most from the latest generation of test and measurement equipment. In the early years, the primary focus was on instrumentation automation and calibration. In the meantime, measurement techniques have evolved greatly, and now include such diverse topics as nonlinear measurements, production testing, temporal measurements, high frequency fixturing and probing, multi-port network analysis, mixed-signal measurements, mmWave, and THz measurements. The broad range of ARFTG interests is reflected in the nature of the conferences.

ARFTG sponsors two conferences each year. The topical themes of the next conference are:

  • Millimeter-wave measurement techniques for communications and radars
  • Millimeter-wave antenna and OTA testing
  • Test methods for the manufacture of millimeter-wave and microwave components

Topics always of interest include:

  • RF/digital mixed-signal measurement and calibration
  • Nonlinear / large-signal measurement and modeling techniques
  • Terahertz measurement techniques
  • Calibration methods
  • Materials measurement approaches
  • Other topical areas of RF, microwave, millimeter-wave measurements

Co-located with International Microwave Symposium IMS 2023.

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Start Date:  06/16/2023
End Date:  06/16/2023
Venue:  San Diego Convention Center; San Diego, CA
Organizer:  IEEE

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