IRS 2014

IRS 2014

Organizing the International Radar Symposium 2014 (IRS 2014), the Hamburg-Harburg Technical University (TUHH), National Aviation University of Ukraine (NAU), and the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) continue a very successful sequence of Radar Symposia, which started in 1998 in Munich, Germany.

Due to the rapid development of technologies, radar technique is still an expanding technical and economical segment with practical applications both in civil and military areas. The worldwide family of radar researchers and experts is quite small and everyone from the radar family is cordially invited to attend the International Radar Symposium 2014 in Gdansk, Poland.

Topics List

  • Radar Systems
  • Advanced Sub-Systems
  • Radar Applications
  • Airport Surveillance & Safety
  • Passive, Noise & MIMO Radars
  • SAR/ISAR/Ultrawideband
  • Tracking and Data Fusion
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Processing Techniques
  • Computer Modeling
  • Environment Sensing and Modeling
  • Security
  • Space Technology & Remote Sensing

Technical Exhibition

Industrial companies and research institutions are invited for a Technical Exhibition, which will be placed directly in the conference area.

Click to register.

More details are available on the event web site.

Start Date:  06/16/2014
End Date:  06/18/2014
Venue:  Str.Jana Heweliusza 22, 80-890 Gdansk, Poland
Organizer:  Hamburg-Harburg Technical University (TUHH) / National Aviation University of Ukraine (NAU) / Warsaw University of Technology (WUT)

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