How to Use - AKTAKOM ASE-2101 Desoldering Station

First thing before you start working with the station you need to set the required temperature using the temperature controller knob.

Desoldering station AKTAKOM ASE-2101 is used for removing items, so we recommend the temperature to be set at 10%-15% higher than regular soldering and melting temperatures!

The set temperature is reached after the «Heater» indicator starts blinking. Pay attention! After the station is heated do not touch the soldering tips!

To remove melted solder from the board bring Soldering Tip to required area of the board and press the trigger button. The compressor will turn on.

If you are not satisfied with the rate of removal of melted solder you can check the compressor suction force. To do that you must first turn off the station and allow it to cool of the Soldering Tip! Next remove the collection capsule and breathy turn on the station. Press the trigger button to turn on the compressor. To check its effectiveness plug the suction hole with your finger.

To improve the suction rate of the compressor you can temporarily remove the air filter.

To return the collection capsule to its place make sure the word FRONT faces the tip of the station.

Have a successful and productive work day using the soldering stations AKTAKOM!

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