ASE-2105 Temperature Controlled Desoldering Station

AKTAKOM ASE-2105 Temperature Controlled Desoldering Station
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AKTAKOM ASE-2105 Temperature controlled desoldering station is designed for lead free desoldering especially. The quick heating and strong power are for convenient and clear soldering / desoldering all types of DIP components.

ASE-2105 desoldering station (analog of ZD-8915) is used in the field of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and desoldering on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.

The desoldering iron gun is controlled automatically by the micro-processor. The digital control electronics and high-quality sensor and heat exchange system guarantee precise temperature control at the soldering tip. The highest degree of temperature precision and optimal dynamic thermal behavior under load conditions is obtained by the quick and accurate recording of the measured values in a closed control circuit, and this design is especially for the lead-free production technics.


  • Channel: 1 channel
  • Touch sensor control
  • Max. station power: 150W
  • LCD:
    - shows the actual temperature of the soldering tip
    - shows the setting temperature
  • Temperature range: 320F - 896F (160C - 480C)
  • Max. power of the soldering iron: 90W
  • Soldering iron voltage supply: 24V

Included accessories

  • Desoldering iron with nozzle
  • Iron holder
  • Tray for iron holder
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Filter for desoldering iron
  • Cleaning pin
  • Power cord
  • User's manual

The display and temperature setting

ASE-2105 Desoldering station digital display

The digital display:

(1) shows the actual temperature of the desoldering tip.

(2) shows the setting temperature: Pressing the UP or DOWN button can switch the digital display to the set point display. The set-point can be changed for 1C by tapping the UP or DOWN button. Pressing the button will change the set-point quickly. The digital display will return automatically to the actual value and the iron will reach to the setting temperature quickly.

(3) display: switching the temperature display from C to F by pressing the * button and then the electronic system will display the actual temperature (1) and setting temperature (2) in F, and vice versa.

(4) When the actual temperature on the soldering tip is less than the set-point, HEAT ON will display and make the desoldering tip heating up.

(5) When the absolute offset is more than 10C between the actual temperature and the set-point on the soldering tip or the nozzle, WAIT will display. It means that the temperature electronic control system is not in the stable situation, we should wait a moment to let the WAIT disappear.

(6) When ERROR display, there may be a trouble on the system, or the soldering iron is not connected to the control system correctly.

Using desoldering gun

ASE-2105 desoldering gun


1. Maintain the heated desoldering gun carefully, the high temperature gun will cause fires or painful burns to the body if you are not careful.

2. Always disconnect the mains plug to a socket before any maintenance performance except you do the solder waste removing on the heater and nozzle.

Solder waste will be stored in the nozzle and heating element. These solder waste will lower the heating process and reduce the suction efficiency. Should there be a noticeable drop in suction efficiency during operation, please replace the filter and clean the nozzle and heater with the cleaning pin.

ASE-2105 cleaning pin

Please follow below steps to remove the solder waste:

1. Pull the back holder, then the knob will bullet up and become unlocked automatically.

ASE-2105 desoldering gun

2.Take the spring out from the glass tube, then remove the solder waste.

Removing solder waste

3. Put the spring back to glass tube, then put glass tube back to position.

Press the back holder, then the knob will bullet down and become locked automatically.

ASE-2105 desoldering gun


The Nozzle hole will get enlarged with corrosion, but such phenomenon can not be noticed easily. Therefore, if desoldering efficiency goes down and all other parts appear to be OK, the nozzle is probably eroded and should be replaced.


La estacin de desoldar de temperatura controlada ASE-2105 est diseada especialmente para desoldar soldadura blanda sin plomo. El calentamiento rpido y la potencia fuerte son para soldar / desoldar todo tipo de componentes DIP de manera conveniente y limpia

Este modelo se utiliza en el campo de la investigacin, la enseanza y la produccin electrnicas, especialmente en la reparacin y desoldadura de aparatos electrnicos y equipos de comunicacin.

La pistola de desoldar es controlada automticamente por el microprocesador. La electrnica de control digital y el sensor de alta calidad y el sistema de intercambio de calor garantizan un control preciso de la temperatura en la punta de soldadura. El grado ms alto de precisin de temperatura y el comportamiento trmico dinmico ptimo en condiciones de carga se obtiene mediante el registro rpido y preciso de los valores medidos en un circuito de control cerrado, y este diseo es especialmente para las tcnicas de produccin de soldadura blanda sin plomo.

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