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AME-1733 Multi-Channel Universal Datalogger
USB (Universal Serial Bus) LAN (Local Area Network)
Measuring datalogger representing a base system block for continuous low-speed analog-to-digital conversion on several analogue input channels. Analog input channels: 3. Input terminal type: audio (stereo), diameter: 0.2 in / 3.5 mm. Input Impedance: 10 kΩ. Analog signal range: 2.048 V. Maximum input voltage: 5V. Converter digit capacity of 10 binary digits. Voltage measurement on all 3 inputs is mad simultaneously. Interval between the measurements: 0.3 ms. One digital channel (4-wire, I²C type interface). Input terminal type (construction): mini USB, there are +5 V signals in the connector, general (ground). Interfaces: USB 1.1, LAN.
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