DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe

Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe
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Brand: Micsig

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High Voltage Differential Probe is designed for safe measurement of high voltage and floating voltage signals.


Bandwidth 100MHz
Rise Time 3.5ns
Range Selection 50X 500X
Accuracy ±2%
Max Test Voltage 130V 1300V
Minimum Input 130V 1300V
Maximum Input 1000 V CATII
CMRR >80db (DC), >60db (100kz), >50db (1MHz)
Input Impedance 10MOhm / 1µF (differential); 5MOhm / 2pF (single ended to ground)
Output Voltage <3V
Over range Alarm Button Light Flashes
Power Supply DC 5V, USB
Power 0.85W
Dimension 14.5cmX6cmX2.7cm
Input Cable Length 60cm
Output Cable Length 90cm
Operating Temp. 0-40°C
Operating Humidity 10%-85%
Storage Temp. 30-70°C
Storage Humidity 5%-90%

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