AEC-3522 ESD Chair

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Warranty: 1 year
ESD safe

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AKTAKOM AEC-3522 ESD chair is engineered to bring comfort and safety to laboratories, electronic manufacturing facilities, service centers, offices and home. AEC-3522 antistatic chair is designed for workplaces where anti-static protection (ESD safe) is required. Small form of the backrest provides freedom of arms movements as well as additional backrest comfort. Height adjustment of this chair is designed for work at the level of standard table surfaces or standard positioning of equipment in term of sedentary work. Also there is no special assembly requirements, it can be easily done by anyone!


  • Chromized pentactinal base on 5 ESD-wheels. Chromized pentactinal base is very reliable and resistant and is able to keep good external view for a long time. There is no plastic material which easily gets dirty from worker’s feet.
  • Wheels diameter: 5 cm / 2 in
    To meet the antistatic security requirements it’s necessary to clean the wheels surface and replace them once per 2 years (depending on the cleanness of the work place floor).
    If you need secure fixation of the chair position you may replace the wheel of the standard package for antistatic feet (optional).
  • Reentrant resistance to “ground”: 0.5…1 MΩ.
  • Discharge runoff time: less than 0.5 s.
  • Ergonomic form of the seat and backrest
  • Height pneumatic adjustment: 260 mm / 10.2 in
  • Mechanical backrest adjustment for height
  • Seat height: 500...750 mm / 19.7…29.5 in
  • Seat dimensions: 440õ400 mm / 17.3 x 15.8 in
  • Backrest dimensions: 380 õ 290 mm / 5 x 11.4 in
  • Upholstery: vinyl
  • Color: Black / Blue

While its usage you may change the size of the gaslift.

Included accessories

  • Seat and backrest with height and slope angle adjustment mechanism
  • Height pneumatic adjustment: 260 mm / 10.2 in
  • Chromized pentactinal base on 5 ESD-wheels.

Optional accessories (can be bought additionally)

  • Antistatic feet
  • Spare wheels
  • Gaslifts

Silla antiestática (ESD segura) con respaldo pequeño para laboratorios, centros de servicio, fabricación electrónica, oficinas y hogar. La silla AKTAKOM AEC-3522 está diseñada para lugares de trabajo que requieren una operación de alta movilidad por parte del trabajador. La forma pequeña del respaldo proporciona libertad de movimientos de los brazos, así como comodidad adicional del respaldo. El ajuste de altura de esta silla está diseñado para trabajar al nivel de superficies de mesa estándar o para posicionamiento estándar de equipos en términos de trabajo sedentario.

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