AKTAKOM ATE-9508 multipurpose tester. 4 professional instruments in 1!

AKTAKOM ATE-9508 multipurpose tester. 4 professional instruments in 1!


If your work requires the use of anemometer, hygrometer, thermometer and light meter you may purchase just 1 device combining them all. This model is AKTAKOM ATE-9508 4-in-1 multipurpose tester and it can be used to measure airflow speed, humidity, temperature and illumination level.

The necessary function is easily selected with a single button. Right after required mode selection you may start the operation.

Using AKTAKOM ATE-9508 multipurpose device you may measure the following values:

  • airflow speed: 0.4...30 m/s
  • humidity: 10...95%
  • illumination: 0...20000 lux
  • temperature: -132...1300C / -205.6...2372F

Temperature is measured with a removable thermocouple (K type). All of these functions are available in a very compact and ergonomic device weighing 5.6 oz only.

Among other features:

  • being lightweight and compact it can be held in one hand
  • a special photo-diode and a light filter provides color correction and spectrum
  • capable of displaying two measured values simultaneously
  • high precision thin-film capacitance humidity sensor with fast response to the humidity variety
  • memorizes Max/Min values with recall
  • C/F selectable by pressing button on the front panel
  • Data hold

For more details check the page of AKTAKOM ATE-9508.

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