AKTAKOM ATE-2530 Infrared Thermometer

AKTAKOM ATE-2530 Infrared Thermometer


AKTAKOM ATE-2530 Infrared Thermometer detects infrared energy emitted by objects. The instrument focuses energy through its lens, changing the temperature of a special material that creates an electrical signal. A microcomputer processes this signal and displays the output on the thermometer. The laser is used only for sighting the instrument and has no other effect on temperature measurement.

Main specifications:

  • LCD Display: 2-temperature, 4 digits
  • Distance to Spot Ratio: 12:1
  • Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95
  • Spectral Response: 8-14μm
  • Measurement Range: -20C ~ 537C / -4F ~ 999F
  • Alarming temperature range (ATE-2533): 30C ~ 535 C / 86F ~ 995F
  • Accuracy: -20C ~ 50C: 2.5C 50C ~ 537C (reading1%+1C)
  • Response Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Laser Power: Less than 1 mW
  • Auto-off: After 10 seconds
  • Backlight: White

Find more details about the advantages of this device on ATE-2530 web page.

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