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AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter)
For Windows®
Free for registered users
AKTAKOM File Converter (AULFConverter) is an utility to convert AKTAKOM data file format used in AKTAKOM applications including APM to other formats such as CSV and WAV.
AKTAKOM Net Configurator (ANC)
For Windows®
Free for registered users
AKTAKOM Net Configurator is designed to record and read the network settings data of AKTAKOM Universal Lab devices (supporting AULNet protocol). The application provides simple and convenient user interface to work with settings, they can be recorded into the file and read afterwards.
Aktakom Units Converter
For Android™
Aktakom Units Converter for Android allows you to quickly convert almost all measurement units into metric system and inversely.
AKTAKOM USB Device Driver for Windows (AUNLibUSB)
For Windows®
Free for registered users

AUNLibUSB device driver for Windows supports AKTAKOM USB Lab instruments (PC-based oscilloscopes and other). AUNLibUSB driver is a low-level program which does not communicate with user directly neither has user interface. After its installation in the operating system the driver starts working as a part of this operating system and supplies applications with the access to the resource of AKTAKOM supported devices and appropriate programs.

AKTAKOM Web Server (AULWebServer)
For Windows®
Free for registered users

AULWebServer is a web interface based application (TCP/IP protocols). It allows remote control of an AKTAKOM instrument over the local area network (LAN).


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