Owon Oscilloscope Software version

Compatible with: 
MSO5022S Digital Storage Oscilloscope + Logic Analyzer 25MHz 100MSa/s
PDS5022S Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25MHz 100MSa/s
PDS6062S Oscilloscope 60MHz 250MSa/s Dual channels+external trigger
PDS6062T Replaced by ADS-2061M
PDS7102T Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100 MHz 500 MSa/s
PDS8102T Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GSa/s
PDS8202T Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz 2GSa/s
HDS1021M Handheld Oscilloscope 20MHz 100MSa/s
HDS1022M-N Handheld Oscilloscope 20MHz 100MSa/s
HDS2062M Handheld Oscilloscope 60MHz 250MSa/s
HDS3102M-N Handheld Oscilloscope 100MHz 500MSa/s

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