Aktakom Android Oscilloscope Pro (AAOP)

AKTAKOM Aktakom Android Oscilloscope Pro (AAOP)
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Compatible with: 
ACK-3002 dual-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope + spectrum analyzer
ACK-3102 dual-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope + spectrum analyzer
ACK-3106 two-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope
ACK-3106L two-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope
ACK-3172 two-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope
ACK-3712 1M dual-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope
ACK-3712 1T dual-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope
ACK-3712 dual-channel USB PC-based oscilloscope

For Android™
Supported OS: Android 4.0
Aktakom Android Oscilloscope Pro is a powerfull application to control AKTAKOM dual-channel PC-based oscilloscopes with USB interface using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Android OS. This application allows to read and store measured data.

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Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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