Since it started in 1989, HOT CHIPS has been known as one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits. The conference is held once a year in August in the center of the world’s capital of electronics activity, Silicon Valley.

Areas of interest:

  • General-Purpose Processor Chips
    - High-Performance, Low-Power
    - Multi-Core and Highly-Reliable Systems

  • Domain-Specific Chips
    -Machine Learning, Vision and Graphics Chips
    - Data Analytics and Big Data Processing
    - IoT and Always-On Functions
    - Custom Chips for Emerging Applications

  • Reconfigurable Chips
    - FPGAs and FPGA-Based Systems
    - Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Arrays

  • Security
    - Secure Hardware
    - Hardware Support for Software Security

  • Mobile and Embedded Devices
    - Graphics/Multimedia/Gaming
    - SoC, Security, and DSP Chips

  • Communications and Networking
    - Wireless LAN/WAN/PAN
    - Network and I/O Processors

  • Emerging Computing Architectures
    - Neuromorphic
    - Quantum Computing

  • Memory Technologies
    - MRAM, PCM, ReRAM, or FRAM
    - Persistent Memory, Phase Change
    - Packaging, 3D, Stacked

  • Other Enabling Technologies
    - Power and Thermal Management
    - Packaging and Testing
    - Display Technologies
    - On-Chip Optics & Sensors
    - Novel Computing Technologies

  • Software and Systems for Emerging Hardware
    - Programming Models, Runtime Systems
    - Performance, Power, Debug, and Evaluation

Start Date:  08/27/2023
End Date:  08/29/2023
Venue:  Stanford University, CA, USA
Organizer:  PCI-SIG

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