How to download software for your product

1. Go to and click "Product Registration" menu link.

2. If you are not logged in to your account at T&M Atlantic website, you will be prompted to enter your Login and Password.

If you are not registered at our web site, click "Register" link and fill in the registration form.

3. To be able to download software for your product please take a few seconds to register your product. Also you should agree with terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

Please select your product from the drop-down list, enter product serial number, click the checkbox "I agree with terms and conditions of the License Agreement" and click "Complete Product Registration" button.

4. After product registration successfully completed you'll see a list of software available for your product to download.

Just click the corresponding "Download" button to start downloading the desired software.

Please note: some software is not free and you have to purchase that software to be able to download it. If you have already purchased such software in T&M Atlantic online store and paid your order online by a credit card, click the corresponding "Download" button to download that software. If you have purchased such software offline an access code is required to download it. Click "Download" button to proceed and you'll be prompted to enter your access code. After successful access code verification your download will start.

5. Some AKTAKOM software require a "key" to communicate with supported AKTAKOM instrument. To get such key for your product just click "Get the key" button. Please note: every key for AKTAKOM software is generated for particular product serial number and cannot be used with other instrument. To get a key for another instrument, please, register your product with its serial number.


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